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Empirical analysis of Social Capital and Development in Latin America


Monday, April 8, 2013

The Inter-American Conference on Social Security (CISS) and the Universidad Iberoamericana (Ibero) are jointly organizing the conference "Empirical analysis of Social Capital and Development in Latin America". The Conference will take place in Mexico City on May 17, 2013. Its aim is to present and socialize empirical research on social capital and its relationship to social development in Latin America using different surveys available in the region that address social capital dimensions. Particular emphasis will be on documents related to Latin America and the Caribbean.

It is expected that articles registered for the conference will present evidence of research on topics that relates social capital with social development. Some of them are listed here.

Social Capital and:
1. Social security mechanisms.
2. Reduction of crime and/or violence.
3. Social fabric.
4. Quality in education.
5. Employment.
6. Mechanisms for allocating public resources
7. Poverty reduction
8. Inequalities (income, gender, ethnicity, region, etc.)
9. Social cohesion.
10. Food resources supplies.
11. Wellbeing.
12. Health.
13. NGOs.
14. Social mobility.
15. Financial inclusion.
16. Political participation
17. Measurement issues
18. Other related topics.

After a blind peer review, the selected articles will be published in Well-Being and Social Policy, an academic journal jointly coordinated by the CISS / IBERO which is published in English and Spanish. The journal, currently listed on indexes of journals, is widely distributed in the Americas among policy makers, researchers, and students interested in the field. For more information about the journal and its contents, access http://well-being.ciss.org.mx/

Based on available funds, organizers will pay airplane tickets in economy class, food, and accommodations during the conference for those authors whose articles are accepted and who consent to publish their work in the journal Well-Being and Social Policy and do not have other funding. The articles accepted to participate in the conference are not necessarily accepted for publication in the journal. Complete papers should be sent to bienestar.politicasocial@gmail.com.

Key dates:

Submission deadline: April 8, 2013
Acceptance decision: April 15, 2013
Conference: May 17, 2013
Final version of papers: July 5, 2013

Organizing Committee

Isidro Soloaga, Invited Editor, Professor, Universidad Iberoamericana.
Patricia Lopez-Rodriguez, Invited Editor, Lecturer, Universidad Iberoamericana
Rodolfo de la Torre, Editor, Professor, CIDE
Nelly Aguilera, Associate Editor, Inter-American Conference on Social Security
César Velázquez, Associate Editor, Professor, Universidad Iberoamericana
John Scott, Editor, Professor, CIDE.