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Finan, F. S., Schechter, L. (2011). Vote-Buying and Reciprocity. Econometrica, Forthcoming

While vote-buying is common, little is known about how politicians determine who to target. We argue that vote-buying can be sustained by an internalized norm of reciprocity. Receiving money engenders feelings of obligation. Combining survey data on vote-buying with an experiment-based measure of reciprocity, we show that politicians target reciprocal individuals. Overall, our findings highlight the importance of social preferences in determining political behavior.


Finan, Frederico

Frederico Finan is an assistant professor of economics at the University of California, Berkeley. After receiving his PhD in Agriculture and Resource Economics from UC-Berkeley in 2006, he was an assistant professor of economics at UCLA. He is also an affiliate of the Bureau for Research and...

Schechter, Laura

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