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Pervaiz, Z., Chaudhary A R, van Staveren, I. (2013). Diversity, Inclusiveness and Social Cohesion. ISD Working Paper 2013-1.

This study aims to investigate the role of diversity (ethnic, linguistic and religious) and social inequality in determining social cohesion. By using cross-country data, we have found that social inequality may be more important factor than diversity in determining cohesiveness of a society. Our analysis suggests that inclusive societies may be in better position to cope with the possible threat of diversity for social cohesion. By reducing social inequality, societies may mitigate the negative effects of diversity for social cohesion.


Van Staveren, Irene

Irene Van Staveren is Professor of Pluralist Development Economics at the Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Article (73) Staveren, I.P. van, Webbink, E., Haan, A. de & Foa, R. (2013). The Last Mile in Analyzing Wellbeing and Poverty : Indices of Social...

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