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Suggested topics for the students of Economics of networks
  • The socio-economic determinants of radicalization and terrorism
  • The impact of terrorism on trust, social capital, social cohesion
  • How war and conflicts affect trust, social capital, social cohesion
  • Does migration affect trust, social capital, prosocial behaviour (e.g. tax compliance), criminality, electoral outcomes?
  • Do natural disasters have behavioural consequences?
  • Do natural disasters have political consequences?
  • Religion, trust, tolerance and economic behaviour
  • The political outcomes of religion
  • The role of online social networks in trust, social capital
  • Online networks, opinions and political participation
  • Online networks, misinformation
  • Social media, fake news, and populism
  • The socio-economic and political consequences of the digital divide
  • Offline vs. online networks in subjective well-being
  • What is populism and which are the roots of its success?
  • Networks, trust, tax compliance and preferences for redistribution
  • The roots of the rise and success of criminal networks
  • Networks and corruption
  • How do networks and culture affect financial decisions?
  • Does social capital alleviate risk perception and risk aversion?
  • Networks and microcredit


Fabio Sabatini - didattica

I am Associate Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics and Law of Sapienza University of Rome, where I currently teach Economics and Policy of Networks and Public Economics. I collaborate with the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research of the Higher School of Economics in Moscow...

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