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Experimental and Behavioral Economics of Healthcare, Special Issue of the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

Guest Editors:

James C. Cox
Georgia State University

Ellen P. Green
Arizona State University
(College of Health Solutions)

Heike Hennig-Schmidt
University of Bonn

The Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (JEBO) will publish a special issue on experimental studies in health economics. Experimental economics provides a paradigm for research on the healthcare market and problems with information and incentives in the provision of healthcare. The interaction between experimental and health economics enriches our understanding of decision-making in the healthcare market and encourages novel methods of healthcare research.

The aim of this special issue is to gain insight into the incentive and information problems in the healthcare market that have led to inefficiencies. We welcome submissions that apply experimental methods, mechanism design and decision support information technology in the laboratory or the field.  We encourage supply-side topics and applications to insurance, physician behavior, or behavior of other providers.

Submissions will be accepted until September 30, 2014.  When submitting, please select “Health Experiments” as the article type.  Submission fees are waived for this special issue.