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AFEE (Association for Evolutionary Economics) and ASE (Association for Social Economics) are having a joint panel at the ASSA annual meeting


Sab, 2015-01-03 - Lun, 2015-01-05

AFEE (Association for Evolutionary Economics) and ASE (Association for Social Economics) are having a joint panel at the ASSA annual meeting in 2015 to be held on January 3-5, 2015 in Boston, MA.
Fred Lee will be coordinating it for AFEE and working very closely with the ASE program chair for the ASSA, Ellen Mutari. We welcome individual proposal or an entire panel proposal on "The Impact of Commodification on the Social Provisioning Process". The joint AFEE/ASE panel is allocated to AFEE. Please note that anyone who presents a paper must be a member of AFEE or ASE at the time of submission of the paper or panel proposal. Preference will be given to presenters who are members of both organizations.

Proposals for papers or panels must be electronically submitted as a pdf or word file to the AFEE Program Chair, Frederic Lee and to the ASE Program Chair, Ellen Mutari, by April 22, 2014. The following information must be submitted for each paper:

a. Name(s) of author(s);
b. Professional affiliation(s);
c. E-mail address of corresponding author (ideally, for all authors involved);
d. Mailing address of corresponding author (ideally, for all authors involved);
e. Title of proposed paper;
f. Abstract of no more than 250 words;

For all authors, we will also need name, institutional affiliation, phone, email, and membership status in AFEE and ASE.

Please be send your paper proposal and all requested information to:

     Frederic Lee (AFEE Program Chair), leefs@umkc.edu      Ellen Mutari (ASE Program Chair), ellen.mutari@stockton.edu

For AFEE membership information, please, visit http://www.afee.net or contact erhake@catawba.edu.

For ASE membership, information can be found at http://socialeconomics.org/

We will confirm membership prior to accepting proposals.

Authors will be informed whether their abstracts/panel has been accepted by the end of May 2014.

You are expected to have paper prepared and provided to members of your panel in mid-December.

For the general AFEE and ASE Call for Papers, go the following links:

AFEE CFP: http://www.afee.net/

ASE CFP: http://www.socialeconomics.org/?page=conferences&side=assa&sub=call_for_papers

Fred Lee


Association for Social Economics

The Association for Social Economics was established in December 1941 in New York City, NY. The association was formed to advance scholarly research and writing about the great questions of economics, human dignity, ethics, and philosophy. Its members seek to explore the ethical...

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