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Deakin University, School of Accounting, Economics and Finance

The School seeks to contribute to the achievement of the University's aim to be Australia's most progressive university, internationally recognised for the relevance, innovation and responsiveness of its teaching and learning, research, partnerships and international activities.

The School offers innovative and relevant units in accounting, economics, finance and financial planning which prepare students for their future careers in business, the professions and the public sector. We continually strive to address international aspects of the disciplines we teach making our courses particularly attractive to domestic and overseas students in the context of increasing globalisation.

The School seeks to extend the University's strategic alliances, entrepreneurial relationships and partnerships with business, government, the professions, the community and other educational providers.

We seek to provide a fulfilling, enjoyable and collegiate work environment that enables members of staff to develop their careers and fulfil their potential.

Prossimi eventi

2014, Novembre

Behavioral Aspects in Macroeconomics and Finance

Giov, 2014-11-13 - Ven, 2014-11-14

2014, Novembre

8th CESifo Workshop on Political Economy

Ven, 2014-11-28 - Sab, 2014-11-29

2015, Maggio

2015 International World Wide Web (WWW) Conference

Lun, 2015-05-18 - Ven, 2015-05-22

2015, Luglio

Social Networks 1450-1850

Giov, 2015-07-16 - Ven, 2015-07-17

2015, Agosto

Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications

Giov, 2015-08-20 - Sab, 2015-08-22