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Capitale sociale e salute fisica

Letture essenziali

Folland, S. (2007). Does community social capital contribute to population health? Social Science and Medicine 64, 2342–2354

Robert Putnam showed that a social capital index, created as a weighted sum of 14 variables chosen...

Folland, S. (2006). Value of life and behavior toward health risks: an interpretation of social capital. Health Economics 15 (2), 159–171.

An individual assessing a risky job can be understood as a public good. He and each of his valued...

Letture importanti

Kawachi, I., Subramanian, S.V.; Kim, Daniel (Eds.) (2008). Social Capital and Health. Springer

As interest in social capital has grown over the past decade—particularly in public...

Costa, D., Kahn, M. (2007). Surviving Andersonville: The Benefits of Social Networks in POW Camps. American Economic Review 97 (4): 1467-1487

Twenty-seven percent of the Union Army prisoners captured July 1863 or later died in captivity. At...

Fiorillo, D., Sabatini, F. (2011). Structural social capital and health in Italy. MPRA Paper 32392.

This paper presents the first empirical assessment of the causal relationship between social...

Archivio della reading list

Alesina, A., Giuliano, P. (2014). Family ties. In S. Durlauf and P. Aghion (Eds). Handbook of Economic Growth. Amsterdam: Elsevier.

We study the role of the most primitive institution in society: the family. Its organization and...

Carlson P. (1998). Self-perceived health in East and West Europe: another European health divide. Social Science and Medicine 46, 1355–1366.

There is a great, and possibly also a growing, difference in public health between the central/...

Cattell, V. (2012). Poverty, Community and Health Co-operation and the Good Society.

Despite plentiful evidence on poverty and reduced health chances and on the benefits of co-...

Costa, D., Kahn, M. (2010). Health, Wartime Stress, and Unit Cohesion: Evidence from Union Army Veterans. Demography 47(1): 45-66.

We fi nd that Union Army veterans of the American Civil War who faced greater wartime stress (as...

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