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Vanin, Paolo

Journal articles Crime and Social Sanction (with P. Buonanno and G. Pasini), Papers in Regional Science, in press Trade Protection and Industrial Structure (with F. Albornoz), The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, 10(1) (Topics), 2010, Article 57 Does Social Capital...

Von Amsberg

Joachim joined the World Bank in 1993 as an Economist and Young Professional and worked on World Bank supported environmental programs and policy studies for Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay in the Latin America and Caribbean Region, as well as policy studies in Egypt. Subsequently, he worked for...

Waechter, Natalia

Journal Articles, Monographs, Book Chapters Natalia Waechter (in preparation). Partizipation und Jugendkultur. Zum Widerstandscharakter von Jugendlichen am Beispiel von SkateboarderInnen und HausbesetzerInnen. In Axel Pohl, Andreas Walther, Barbara Stauber (Eds.), Jugend als Akteurin Sozialen...

Wagner, Gert G.

Gert G. Wagner is Chairman of the Executive Board of   DIW Berlin, Professor of Economics at the Berlin University of Technology (TUB), and Max Planck Fellow at the MPI for Human Development (Berlin). Wagner is chairman of the German Census Commission and German Council for Social and...

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