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University of Warsaw, Institute of Sociology

The Institute of Sociology (IS) at the University of Warsaw is among the leading sociology departments at Polish universities. Its position is reflected in the number of professors and faculty with doctoral degrees, their track record in research, as well as the attractive curriculum and high...

University of Western Ontario, Population Studies Centre (PSC)

Established in 1974, the Centre is housed in the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Science. The main goal of the Centre is to foster research among faculty and students and to provide training facilities for graduate and undergraduate students. Not only demographers but also others in...

University of Wisconsin Madison, Department of Economics

The Department of Economics at the University of Wisconsin - Madison is a top teaching and research department comprised of a dedicated group of faculty, staff and students who lead the field in current economic issues. The mission of the department is to understand the decisions of businesses and...

University of Zurich, Department of Economics

The Department of Economics at the University of Zurich is a leading European research center that represents a wide range of research interests in all areas of economics, including econometrics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, and neuroeconomics. The research conducted at the department has an...

UNU-MERIT (United Nations University Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology)

UNU-MERIT is a research and training centre of United Nations University (UNU) and Maastricht University (UM), based in southeast Netherlands. UNU-MERIT explores the social, political and economic factors that drive technological innovation, with a particular focus on creation, diffusion and access...

USAID - U.S. Agency for International Development

The United States has a long history of extending a helping hand to those people overseas struggling to make a better life, recover from a disaster or striving to live in a free and democratic country. It is this caring that stands as a hallmark of the United States around the world -- and shows...

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