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The Internet and social capital

Important readings

Gentzkow, M., Shapiro, J. M. (2010). Ideological Segregation Online and Offline. Quarterly Journal of Economics, forthcoming

We use individual and aggregate data to ask how the Internet is changing the ideological...

Sabatini, F., Sarracino, F. (2014). Online networks and subjective well-being. MPRA Paper 56436.

Does Facebook make people lonely and unhappy? Empirical studies have produced conflicting results...

Sabatini, F., Sarracino, F. (2014). E-participation: social capital and the Internet. MPRA Paper 55722.

We add to the literature by conducting the first empirical assessment of how online networking...

Reading list archive

Ljunge, M. (2012). Trust drives Internet use. University of Copenhagen Dept. of Economics Discussion Paper N. 12-09

This paper estimates the effect of trust on internet use by studying the general population as well...

Madden, M., Smith, A. (2010). Reputation Management and Social Media. Pew Internet & American Life Research Center

More than half (57%) of adult internet users say they have used a search engine to look up their...

Madden, M., Zickuhr, K. (2011). 65% of online adults use social networking sites. Pew Internet & American Life Project

Fully 65% of adult internet users now say they use a social networking site like MySpace, Facebook...

Pénard, T., Poussing, N. (2010). Internet Use and Social Capital: The Strength of Virtual Ties. Journal of Economic Issues 44 (3), 569-595

This paper aims to understand how Internet users may improve their social capital by investing in...

Pénard, T., Poussing, N., Suire, R. (2011). Does the internet make people happier? CEPS/INSTEAD Working Paper 2011/41

As people are spending more time online, it is important to evaluate the impact of Internet use on...

Rainie, L., Purcell, K., Smith, A. (2011). The Social Side of the Internet. Pew Internet & American Life Research Center

The internet is now deeply embedded in group and organizational life in America. A new national...

Sabatini, F. (2011). Can a click buy a little happiness? The impact of business-to-consumer e-commerce on subjective well-being. EERI_RP_2011_12

This paper presents the first empirical investigation into the effect of e-shopping on subjective...

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