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Social capital and cooperation

Essential readings

Costa, D., Kahn, M. (2003). Cowards and Heroes: Group Loyalty in the American Civil War. Quarterly Journal of Economics. 118 (2): 519-548

What motivated men to risk death in the most horrific war in U.S. history when pay was low and...

Bénabou, R. J. M., Tirole, J. (2006). Incentives and Prosocial Behavior. American Economic Review 96 (5), 1652-1678

We develop a theory of prosocial behavior that combines heterogeneity in individual altruism and...

Important readings

Greif, A., Tabellini, G. (2012). The Clan and the City: Sustaining Cooperation in China and Europe

Over the last millennium, the clan and the city have been the locus of cooperation in China and...

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