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Social capital and economic growth

Essential readings

Important readings

Putnam, R. (1993). Making Democracy Work: Civic Traditions in Modern Italy

Why do some democratic governments succeed and others fail? In a book that has received attention...

Algann, Y., Cahuc, P. (2010). Inherited Trust and Growth. American Economic Review, 100(5): 2060–92.

This paper develops a new method to uncover the causal e¤ect of trust on economic growth, by...

Zak, P. J., Knack, S. (2001). Trust and Growth. The Economic Journal 111 (470), 295-321

Why does trust vary so substantially across countries? This paper presents a general equilibrium...

Reading list archive

Keefer, P., Knack, S. (2002). Polarization, politics and property rights: Links between inequality and growth. Public Choice 111, 127–154.

We argue that social polarization reduces the security of property and contract rights and, through...

Neira, I., Portela, M., Vieira, E. (2010). Social Capital and growth in European regions. Regional and Sectoral Economic Studies 10 (2)

Theories of economic growth at the regional and national level, have expanded the traditional...

Pavarina, P. (2011). Institutions, social capital and economic development in Latin America. European Regional Science Conference Paper No. 11p1531

Economic theory has proposed and discussed a lot of possible factors or explanations that promote...

Roth, F. (2009). Does Too Much Trust Hamper Economic Growth? Kyklos 62 (1), 103-128

This paper examines the relationship between trust and economic growth. Taking panel data and using...

Sabatini, F. (2006). An Inquiry into the Empirics of Social Capital and Economic Development. Sapienza University of Rome, PhD Thesis

Fabio Sabatini PhD Programme in Economics University of Rome La Sapienza, Department of Public...

Sabatini, F. (2009). Il capitale sociale nelle regioni italiane: un’analisi comparata. Rivista di Politica Economica 99 (2), 167-220

Questo saggio contribuisce alla letteratura mediante una valutazione critica della ricerca empirica...

Sangnier, M. (2012). Does Trust Favor Macroeconomic Stability? Aix-Marseille School of Economics, AMSE Working Papers n. 1227

This paper investigates the relationship between trust and macroeconomic volatility. An...

Uslaner, E. M. (2006). The foundations of trust: macro and micro. Cambridge Journal of Economics 32 (2): 289-294.

This comment on Beugelsdijk's (2006) critique of trust and its measurement argues that it...

Vanin, P. (2003). Economic Growth and Social Development. University of Pavia, PhD Thesis

Paolo Vanin PhD Programme in Economics University of Pavia Supervisors: Professor Giorgio...

Yamamura, E. (2011). Groups and information disclosure: Olson and Putnam Hypotheses. MPRA Paper 34628.

There is controversy between Putnam and Olson concerning the role of groups. Putnam argued that...

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