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Social capital and subjective well-being

Essential readings

Important readings

Bjørnskov, C.(2003). The Happy Few. Cross-Country Evidence on Social Capital and Life Satisfaction

I examine why the populations of certain countries are so much more satisfied with their lives than...

Bruni, L. (2012). The Wound and the Blessing: Economics, Relationships, and Happiness. New York: New City Press

The crisis that market societies are undergoing is essentially a crisis of relationships. It...

Sabatini, F., Sarracino, F. (2014). Online networks and subjective well-being. MPRA Paper 56436.

Does Facebook make people lonely and unhappy? Empirical studies have produced conflicting results...

Reading list archive

In Each Other’s Shadow What has been the impact of human and social capital on life satisfaction in Ireland?

Thomas Healy A Thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of...

Klein, C. (2011). Social capital or social cohesion: what matters for subjective well-being (SWB)? EPS/INSTEAD Working Paper 2011-36.

The theoretical analysis of the concepts of social capital and of social cohesion shows that social...

Leyden, K. M., Goldberg, A., Michelbach, P. (2011). Understanding the Pursuit of Happiness in Ten Major Cities. Urban Affairs Review, in press.

The pursuit of happiness has a long history as a primary political end in Western political thought...

Marcon, G., Pianta, M. (2013). Sbilanciamo l'economia. Una via d'uscita dalla crisi. Bari: Laterza

L’economia in recessione, la società in frantumi, la politica che degenera: la crisi...

Pénard, T., Poussing, N., Suire, R. (2011). Does the internet make people happier? CEPS/INSTEAD Working Paper 2011/41

As people are spending more time online, it is important to evaluate the impact of Internet use on...

Pugno, M. (2009). The Easterlin paradox and the decline of social capital: An integrated explanation. The Journal of Socio-Economics 38 (4), 590-600

During the most recent decades people in the US have reported both a stagnant or even declining...

Ram, R. (2010). Social Capital and Happiness: Additional Cross-Country Evidence. Journal of Happiness Studies 10 (4), 409-418

Using several different samples, model specifications, and variable proxies, this study revisits...

Rostila, M. (2013). Social Capital and Health Inequality in European Welfare States

This book sets out unique findings on whether social capital influences health and health...

Sabatini, F., Sarracino, F. (2017). Online networks and subjective well-being. Kyklos 70(3), 456-480.

We test the relationship between the use of social networking sites (SNS) and a proxy of utility, i...

Sarracino, F. (2013) (ed). The Happiness Compass: Theories, Actions and Perspectives for Well-Being. Hauppauge NY: Nova Publishers

How happy are you? This naive question proved to be so powerful as to shake up social sciences and...

Stanca, L. (2009). With or Without You: Measuring the Quality of Relational Life Throughout the World. Journal of Socio-Economics 38, 834-842.

This paper proposes a new method for the measurement of the quality of relational life. Building on...

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