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Social enterprises and social capital

Essential readings

Sabatini, F., Modena, F, Tortia, E. (2012). Do cooperative enterprises create social trust?

This paper by Fabio Sabatini, Francesca Modena and Ermanno Tortia performs the first empirical...

Sabatini, F., Modena, F., Tortia, E. (2013). Do cooperative enterprises create social trust? Small Business Economics. Doi: 10.1007/s11187-013-9494-8

This article contributes to the literature by carrying out the first empirical investigation into...

Important readings

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Reading list archive

Dessì, R., Piccolo, S. (2016). Merchant guilds, taxation and social capital. European Economic Review 83: 90-110

We develop a theory of the emergence of merchant guilds as an efficient mechanism to foster...

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