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PhD Programme
European PhD in Socio-Economic and Statistical Studies (SESS)

The Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences (BGSS) is calling for applications to its International Doctoral Program and to its European PhD in Socio-Economic and Statistical Studies (SESS) starting in October 2015.

The European PhD in Socio-Economic and Statistical Studies is an international, interdisciplinary graduate programme in which nine partner universities are cooperating. After the completion of the programme the doctoral degree Doctor Europaeus is awarded.

The Sess.EuroPhD is directed towards analysing the interplay of economy and society in various research fields. As dissertation projects seven major areas of research, to be pursued in an interdisciplinary approach, are favoured:

  1. The interrelationship between economic and social structure
  2. Processes of change of economic organisations and institutions
  3. Markets understood as social structures and networks
  4. Labour markets, employment, and conflict
  5. Welfare state analysis and social security
  6. Economic and social inequality and perceptions of social justice
  7. Socio-economic inequality and the vulnerabiliy of democratic societies

Please turn to the links below to learn more about the curricular structure of the Sess.EuroPhD:

Research proposals should relate to the empirical analysis of the following research areas and topics. Cross-cutting topics and methods as well as comparative designs are welcome!

  • Inclusion:
    Migration, Education, Labor Markets, Social Inequality and Change, and Global Cities
  • Democracy:
    Democratization, Democracy and its Institutions, Constitutionalism and Rule of Law, Individuals and Policies, Civil Society and Social Movements

Admission is based on academic excellence and is open to students with a Master’s degree or equivalent in social sciences (sociology, political science, and neighboring disciplines such as economics). We expect high-level knowledge of current theoretical debates in the social sciences. Precondition for the application is the documentation of in-depth knowledge of quantitative or qualitative techniques of social research, the commitment to empirical research, and English proficiency at an academic level.

Applicants who successfully passed the selection procedure need to secure doctoral funding in order to start the program. The BGSS together with its cooperating partner institutes can award a limited number of doctoral scholar­ships/positions and funding of conferences and research stays abroad. BGSS invites candidates to simultaneously apply for outside sources of funding, such as the DAAD, Erasmus Mundus Funding and fellowships from foun­da­tions.

Membership at the BGSS and its doctoral programs is contingent on the success­ful completion of the annual curricular milestones.

Please submit your application from November 15 to December 22, 2014 via the BGSS online platforms.

International Doctoral Program:


European PhD in Socio-Economic and Statistical Studies:


For further information please visit us at www.bgss.hu-berlin.de or www.bgss.hu-berlin.de/doctoralprograms/sess or contact us via [email protected]


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