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University of Chicago, Booth School of Business

We are the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Since 1898, we have produced ideas and leaders that shape the world of business. Our rigorous, discipline-based approach to business education transforms our students into confident, effective, respected business leaders prepared to face the toughest challenges.

We are proud to claim:

  • an unmatched faculty
  • degree and open enrollment programs offered on three continents
  • a global body of nearly 43,000 accomplished alumni
  • strong and growing corporate relationships that provide a wealth of lifelong career opportunities.

As part of the world-renowned University of Chicago, we share the university’s core values that shape our distinctive intellectual culture. At Chicago Booth, we constantly question and test ideas, and seek proof. This extraordinarily effective approach to business leads to new ideas and innovative solutions. Six of our faculty members have won Nobel Prizes for these ideas - the first business school to achieve this accomplishment.

This same culture transforms our graduates into business thinkers superbly equipped to analyze and solve the greatest business challenges. That’s how:

  • James Kilts, ’74, turned around lagging brands like Nabisco, Oscar Mayer, Kraft, and Gillette.
  • Jerry W. Levin, ’68, brought Coleman/American Products out of bankruptcy months earlier than scheduled.
  • Joseph Neubauer, ’65, CEO of Aramark, was recognized by Business Week for achieving a strong bottom line while adhering to high ethical standards.
  • Judson Green, ’76, CEO of NAVTEQ, successfully took the company beyond its core navigation business and transformed it into a leading supplier of digital mapping systems.

This is just a tiny sample. Browse our site, and learn more about what Chicago Booth has to offer.

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