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Carpenter, J. P., Daniere, A. G., Takahashi, L. (2004). Social Capital and Trust in South-east Asian Cities. Urban Studies 41 (4), 853–874

This paper conducts a comparative analysis of social capital and environmental management in two rapidly growing regions in south-east Asia, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City. Theoretical and empirical triangulation are used to clarify the nature of social capital and the ways that gender, in particular, affects trust and co-operation. Theoretical triangulation is accomplished by drawing on conceptual arguments made in economics, geography and urban planning to develop a theoretical framework explaining social capital and environmental management in south-east Asia. Empirical triangulation is accomplished through a multimethod analytical approach, including survey methods and experimental games conducted with the same populations. The results of the comparative analysis among squatter residents in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City are presented with a focus on gender differences in trust and co-operation and the paper concludes with a summary of the results and recommendations for policy and future research.


Carpenter, Jeffrey

Jeffrey Carpenter is associate professor at the Department of Economics of the Middlebury College. Selected journal articles Dopamine Receptor Genes Predict Risk Preferences, Time Preferences, and Related Economic Outcomes, with Justin Garcia and J. Loji Lum, the Journal of Risk and...

Daniere, Amrita G.

Research Endeavors Infrastructure provision in developing-country megacities including water and sanitation services, housing, solid waste collection and disposal, and transportation. Much of my published work in this area was funded by a research grant, for which I was the co-principal...

Takahashi, Lois

Professor Takahashi's research focuses on social service delivery, HIV prevention, and homelessness in the U.S., and on environmental governance issues in Southeast Asian cities. She is currently investigating the dynamics of social capital, especially related to health in impoverished and...

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