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Matzat, Uwe

Research interests

  • especially: online interaction, social control on the internet, social consequences of the internet, knowledge sharing in online settings, the internet and academic communication, methods of online data collection
  • in general: problems of cooperation and social order, social networks, rational choice theory, and other topics

Research papers

Research papers-complete list here

Selection of recent papers

  • Matzat, U. (2010). "Reducing problems of sociability in online communities: Integrating online communication with offline interaction" in: American Behavioral Scientist, 53, 8: 1170-1193. (pre-print)
  • Matzat, U. , & Snijders, C. (2010). "Does the Online Collection of Ego-Centered Network Data reduce Data Quality? An Experimental Comparison." in: Social Networks, 32, 2: 105-111. (pre-print)
  • Rooks, G. & Matzat, U., (2010). "Cross-cultural differences in effects of social embeddedness on trust. A comparative study of German and Dutch business transactions." in: Social Science Journal, 47, 1: 45-68. (pre-print)
  • Matzat, U. (2009). "The Acceptance and Effectiveness of Social Control on the Internet" in: Cook, K., Snijders, C., Buskens, V. (eds): E-Trust: Forming Relationships in the Online World. Russell Sage Foundation. New York: 238-265. (abstract)
  • Matzat, U. (2009). "Quality of Information in Academic Emailing Lists." in: Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 60, 9: 1859-1870. (pre-print)
  • Matzat, U. (2009). "Disciplinary Differences in the Use of Internet Discussion Groups: Differential Communication Needs or Trust Problems?" in: Journal of Information Science, 35, 5: 613-631. (pre-print)
  • Matzat, U. (2009). "A Theory of Relational Signals in Online Groups." in: New Media & Society, 11, 3: 375-394. (pre-print)
  • Utz, S., Matzat, U., & Snijders, C. (2009). "Online Reputation Systems: The Effects of Feedback Comments and Reactions on Building and Rebuilding Trust in Online Auctions." in: International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 13, 3: 95-118. (pre-print)

Curriculum vitae


Eindhoven University of Technology, School of Innovation Science

The School of Innovation Sciences at the Eindhoven University of Technology offers the bachelor program Innovation Sciences and two successive master programs: Human-Technology Interaction en Innovation Sciences. Moreover, it is involved in several other educational...

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