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Cattell, V. (2012). Poverty, Community and Health Co-operation and the Good Society.

Despite plentiful evidence on poverty and reduced health chances and on the benefits of co-operative social networks and social capital, the nature of the relationship between them remains uncertain. Yet an enhanced understanding is needed if we are to gain, not only a more effective purchase on social processes involved in well-being, or on links between poverty and place, but also of the stratagems people adopt to challenge or cope with social and economic difficulties and resist their deleterious effects.

Drawing on key concepts and on community studies conducted in East London housing estates, this book brings together diverse strands of influence on participatory community life and individual well-being. Residents' rich narratives are used to emphasize the significance of different social network patterns for mediating disadvantage and happiness. The book makes a timely contribution to post 2010 policy agendas and to current political debates on the 'big society' and the 'good society'.

The author

Vicky Cattel is Honorary Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary, University of London, UK,and a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at Middlesex University, UK. She has lectured in Sociology, Social Policy and Politics. Her research and publications cover poverty, community and social networks in poor neighbourhoods, health and well being, and public spaces.


Cattell, Vicky

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