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Reciprocity: Theories and Facts

Organized by:
University of Milan Bicocca, Department of Economics
University of Cagliari, Department of Economics
Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Economics, Psychology and Social Sciences

February 22-24, 2007
University of Milan-Bicocca, Milan, Italy




Reciprocity is a growing issue in economics and in other social sciences today. It is also a very controversial issue too. For many scholars reciprocity is an instance of enlightened self-interested favored by repeated encounters. For others, notably behavioral economists, reciprocity is “strong reciprocity”, a social norm that prescribes cooperation with cooperators and punishment for non-cooperators even at personal cost. Each of these perspectives seems to consider the other as a special case not particularly relevant in social matters.
The aim of the conference is to gather economists from these two perspectives, as well as political scientists, anthropologists, neuroscientists and psychologists, to initiate a dialogue between the two approaches, to show, maybe, that there can be important complementarities between the different ways of understanding reciprocity.

Call for papers

Topics of interest include:

• Trust and Reciprocity
• Foundational and Historical Aspects
• Game-theoretical Models
• Experiments
• Neuroscientific basis of trust and reciprocity
• Institutional Design and Policy Implications

Papers submission

Electronic Submission Deadline: August, 31 2006
Notification of acceptance: October, 15 2006.

Authors must submit a two-page extended abstract, in pdf format, to:

Luigino Bruni, [email protected]


Vittorio Pelligra, [email protected]

Keynote speakers

James Andreoni (Economics - University of California, San Diego) (TBC)
Cristina Bicchieri (Philosophy - University of Pennsylvania)
Jon Elster (Political Science - Columbia University)
Armin Falk (Behavioral Economics - University of Bonn) (TBC)
Simon Gächter (Economic Psychology - University of Nottingham)
Vittorio Gallese (Human Physiology - University of Parma)
Herbert Gintis (Economics - University of Massachusetts)
Russell Hardin (Political Science - New York University)
Kevin A. McCabe (Neuroeconmics - George Mason University)
Aldo Rustichini (Economics - University of Minnesota)
Joel Sobel (Economics - University of California, San Diego) (TBC)
Robert Trivers (Anthropology - Rutgers University) (TBC)

Conference Scientific committee

Luigino Bruni (University of Milano-Bicocca)
Mario Gilli (University of Milano-Bicocca & CISEPS)
Benedetto Gui (University of Padova)
Vittorio Pelligra (University of Cagliari)
Pier Luigi Porta (University of Milano-Bicocca)
Robert Sugden (University of East -Anglia)
Stefano Zamagni (University of Bologna)


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