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  • Euroacademia is a non-profit organization, founded in Vienna (Austria) and Paris (France), aiming to foster academic cooperation, networking and a platform for dissemination and valorization of academic research results, trends, and emerging themes within the area of concern for European studies, political science, critical studies, cultural studies, history, anthropology, social psychology, semiotics, philosophy, sociology and wider and inclusive interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary approaches that contribute to a better understanding of the ‘self-organizing vertigo’ (Edgar Morin) of the European realm. Euroacademia’s goal is to become a hub for academic interaction on and about Europe.

    Without any disciplinary or methodological bias, Euroacademia invites all academics, specialists, post-graduate students, activists, and creative contributors to share in open-floors their ideas, research and works completed or in progress within a multidisciplinary and multicultural academic environment that aims to contribute to intensifying debates and cooperative work on European issues of current concern.

    Founded on the belief in the emergence and structuring of a knowledge-based society, Euroacademia aims to provide the framework for constructive cooperation, networking, project building and dissemination of information and research. The goal of Euroacademia is to build an innovative network for structuring research and collaboration agendas based on topicalities that cannot be addressed in academic solipsism but are shaped constructively by disciplinary interaction.

    Euroacademia implements projects for congresses, conferences, symposiums, colloquia, workshops and academic debates. By rejecting the byzantine identification of people and ideas with particular institutions, Euroacademia values and fosters an inclusive independent attitude that welcomes and celebrates the pluralism in research for a better understanding of Europe.

    Euroacademia is an officially established and registered non-profit and non-patrimonial organization in France (Identification R.N.A.  W922005336) and in Austria (Registration No.: 247986538)


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