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Titeca, K. Vervisch, T. (2008). The Dynamics of Social Capital and Community Associations in Uganda: Linking Capital and its Consequences. World Development 36 (11), 2205-2222

Social capital does not always promote democratic practices, but has different effects at different points. This dynamic is well characterized by a distinction between bonding, bridging, and linking social capital. This is analyzed through an examination of three community associations in Uganda. In particular, it is shown how linking social capital can negatively impact the association in general, and democratic governance in particular, if not accompanied by sufficient bonding, and bridging social capital.


Titeca, Kristof

I am a postdoctoral fellow (2009-2012) from the Research Fund – Flanders (FWO). My main research interests are 1) informal cross-border trade, 2) public services in so-called 'failed states' and 3) rebel groups in central Africa. 1)    Informal cross-border trade My...

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