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Cahuc, Pierre

Pierre Cahuc is Professor of Economics Ecole Polytechnique and Research fellow CREST-INSEE, IZA,CEPR

Selected publications

Is short-time work a good method to keep unemployment down? with Stéphane Carcillo, forthcoming in the Nordic Economic Policy Review

Civil Society and the State: The Interplay Between Cooperation and Minimum Wage Regulation, with Philippe Aghion and Yann Algan, Journal of the European Economic Association, February 2011, vol 9(1): 3-42.

Inherited Trust and Growth, with Yann Algan, American Economic Review, Vol. 100, December 2010 : 2060–2092.

Regulation and Distrust, with Philippe Aghion, Yann Algan and Andrei Shleifer, Quarterly Journal of Economics,  August 2010, Vol. 125, No. 3: 1015–1049. Online Appendix

Labor Market Policy Evaluation in Equilibrium: Some Lessons of the Job Search and Matching Model, with Thomas Le Barbanchon, Labour Economics,  17, pp. 196–2052010.  

Civic Virtue and Labor Market Institutions, with Yann Algan, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 1(1): 111–45, 2009.

On the efficiency of job search with social networks, 2009, with François Fontaine, Journal of Public Economic Theory, 11 (3),  pp. 411–439, 2009.

Optimum Taxation and Layoff Taxes, with André Zylberberg,  Journal of Public Economics, 92 (10-11), pp. 2003-2019, 2008.

A Theory of Wages and labor demand with intrafirm bargaining and matching frictions, with François Marque and Etienne Wasmer, International Economic Review, vol 48 (3), pp. 943-72, 2008.
The Roots of Low European Employment: Family Culture ?, with Yann Algan, NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics, J. Frankel and C. Pissarides editors, p. 65-109, MIT Press, 2007.

Wage bargaining with on-the-job search: A structural econometric model, with Fabien Postel-Vinay and Jean-Marc Robin, Econometrica, 2006, 74(2), pp. 323-64.


Job protection: the Macho Hypothesis, with Yann Algan, Oxford Review of Economic Policy, vol. 22, n°2, Nov. 2006, 290-410.

Comment on “Why are Europeans so tough on Migrants?” by Tito Boeri and Herbert Brucker, Economic Policy, vol 44, pp. 482-484, October 2005.

Social Status and the overworked consumer, with Fabien Postel-Vinay, Annales d’Economie et de Statistique, 2005, vol 78, pp. 143-61.

Unemployment Compensation Finance and Labor Market Rigidity, with Franck Malherbet, Journal of Public Economics, vol 88, pp. 481-501, 2004.

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Does Intrafirm Bargaining Matter in the Large Firm's Matching Model ? with Etienne Wasmer, Macroeconomic Dynamics (5) 2001, pp. 742-747.

The consequences of the minimum wage when other wages are bargained over, with Anne Saint-Martin and André Zylberberg, European Economic Review, vol 45, February 2001, pp. 337-352.

On Some Undesirable Consequences of Education and Growth, with Fabien Postel-Vinay, Jounal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, vol 156, n°3, September 2000, pp. 445-54.

Equilibrium unemployment, welfare, wage bargaining and the Time sequence of unemployment benefits", with Etienne Lehmann, Journal of Public Economics, vol 77, 135-53, July 2000.

Is it harmful to allow partial cooperation? with Paul Beaudry and Hubert Kempf, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, vol 102(1), 1-21, 2000.

Multiperiod predetermined decisions and dynamic strategic interaction, with Hubert Kempf, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol 40, 380-404, 1999.

The consequences of a shorter working time, some lessons from a general equilibrium analysis, with Pierre Granier, Recherches Economiques de Louvain, n°1, 13-32, 1997.

Alternative time patterns of decisions and dynamic strategic interactions, with Hubert Kempf, Economic Journal, vol 107, 1728-42, 1997.

Employment and wage bargaining in a Monetary Union, with Hubert Kempf, Review of International Economics, vol 5(4), 92-111, 1997.

Does profit-sharing increase productivity and employment? A theoretical model and empirical evidence on French micro data", with Brigitte Dormont, Labour Economics, n° 4, 293-319, 1997.

Voice and Loyalty as a delegation of Authority: a model and a test on a panel of french firms", with Francis Kramarz, Journal of Labor Economics, November 1997.

Minimum wage, unemployment and growth", with Philippe Michel, European Economic Review, vol 47, 1463-82, 1996.

Macroeconomic performance and wage setting level in symmetric non-cooperative games, Economics Letters,  vol 48, 427-32, 1995


Ecole Polytechnique, Department of Economics


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