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Davis, John B.

John B. Davis is Professor of Economics at Marquette University and Professor and Chair of History and Philosophy of Economics at University of Amsterdam. He is author of Keynes’s Philosophical Development (Cambridge, 1994), The Theory of the Individual in Economics (Routledge, 2003), Individuals and Identity in Economics (Cambridge, 2011), and co-author with Marcel Boumans of Economic Methodology: Understanding Economics as a Science (Palgrave, 2010. He has been a visiting professor at the Sorbonne, Cambridge University, Erasmus University, and Duke University. He is a former editor of the Review of Social Economy, and currently co-editor of the Journal of Economic Methodology and editor of the Routledge book series Advances in Social Economics. He is a past president or chair of the History of Economics Society, the International Network for Economic Method, and the Association for Social Economics, and is vice-president of the European Society for the History of Economics. He has taught two dozen different courses.


Marquette University, Department of Business


Christoforou, Asimina

Asimina Christoforou is Adjunct Professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business,...

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