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Research Quality Rankings of Heterodox Economic Journals

This ranking, edited by Fred Lee et al. (2010), ranks 254 Heterodox and Mainstream Journals.
Journal classified by the authors as "heterodox" are reported in bold.

Methodology can be checked in the paper Research Quality Rankings of Heterodox Economic Journals in a Contested Discipline by F. S. Lee, B. C. Cronin, S. McConnell, E. Dean, published in the American Journal of Economics and Sociology (unfortunately the authors did not made available a free version of their paper).

Quarterly Journal of Economics 1.279
Journal of Economic Literature 1.230
Journal of Economic Growth 0.885
Journal of Political Economy 0.843
Journal of Financial Economics 0.764
Journal of Economic Perspectives 0.742
Econometrica 0.725
Journal of Economic Geography 0.669
Journal of Accounting and Economics 0.646
Review of Economic Studies 0.592
American Economics Review 0.554
Cambridge Journal of Economics 0.542
Review of Economics and Statistics 0.533
Journal of Health Economics 0.526
Economic Geography 0.525
Brookings Papers of Economic Activity 0.518
Journal of Economic Issues 0.441
Economic Policy 0.422
Economic Journal 0.406
Journal of International Economics 0.403
Journal of Monetary Economics 0.402
Journal of Labor Economics 0.400
Energy Economics 0.400
Journal of Post Keynesian Economics 0.393
Health Economics 0.385
Journal of Econometrics 0.385
Review of Radical Political Economics 0.380
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 0.378
Economy and Society 0.352
Development and Change 0.348
World Development 0.342
Review of Political Economy 0.337
Rand Journal of Economics 0.336
Review of International Political Economy 0.328
Journal of Human Resources 0.328
World Bank Research Observer 0.325
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 0.325
World Bank Economic Review 0.322
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 0.321
Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 0.316
Journal of Public Economics 0.312
Industrial and Corporate Change 0.307
International Labour Review 0.306
American Journal of Economics and Sociology 0.302
Capital and Class 0.301

Journal of Law and Economics 0.301
Metroeconomica 0.299
Journal of Business and Economic Statistics 0.298
Resource and Energy Economics 0.298
Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking 0.296
European Journal of the History of Economic Thought 0.296
Review of Social Economy 0.294
Journal of the History of Economic Thought 0.292
Science and Society 0.291
Feminist Economics 0.290

Journal of Applied Econometrics 0.289
Journal of Evolutionary Economics 0.288
Food Policy 0.282
Rethinking Marxism 0.282
Journal of Law Economics and Organization 
Experimental Economics 0.275
Energy Journal 0.274
Journal of Development Studies 0.274
Journal of Development Economics 0.273
China Economic Review 0.270
Journal of Urban Economics 0.270
Journal of Industrial Economics 0.266
Journal of Economic Surveys 0.263
European Economic Review 0.258
Journal of Economic Methodology 0.255
History of Political Economy 0.254

Economics and Human Biology 0.253
Transform Business Economics 0.251
Small Business Economics 0.251
Structural Change and Economic Dynamics 0.250
International Review of Applied Economics

Land Economics 0.249
Journal of Common Market Studies 0.248
Economics and Philosophy 0.247
European Review of Agricultural Economics 0.246
International Journal of Social Economics 0.245
Mathematical Finance 0.244
Journal of Policy Reform 0.238
Game and Economic Behavior 0.238
Capitalism, Nature, Socialism 0.235
International Journal of Political Economy 0.234

International Journal of Forecasting 0.234
International Journal of Industrial Organization 0.234
Journal of Comparative Economics 0.234
Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 0.233
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 0.231
Regional Science and Urban Economics 0.230
New Left Review 0.229
Journal of Economic Theory 0.228
International Economic Review 0.228
American Journal of Agricultural Economics 0.225
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 0.224
Oxford Economic Papers 0.223
Contributions to Political Economy 0.223
New Political Economy 0.220

Environmental and Resource Economics 0.220
Journal of Socio-Economics 0.219
Journal of Institutional Economics 0.217

Oxford Review of Economic Policy 0.216 A2 B1
Constitutional Political Economy 0.215
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 0.215
Antipode 0.212
Scandinavian Journal of Economics 0.211
Review of Austrian Economics 0.210
Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 0.206
Historical Materialism 0.205
Journal of Agrarian Change 0.202
History of Economics Review 0.199
Journal of European Economics Association 0.199
Econometric Theory 0.198
Journal of Economic Psychology 0.195
Journal of Banking and Finance 0.190
World Economics 0.188
Journal of Income Distribution 0.188
Journal of Agricultural Economics 0.186
Oxford Development Studies 0.185
Ecological Economics 0.184
Labour Economics 0.183
Review of Economic Dynamics 0.181
Econometric Reviews 0.179
Cepal Review 0.177
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 0.174
Economics of Transition 0.172
Economic Development and Cultural Change 0.172
Studies in Political Economy 0.170
Journal of Risk and Insurance 0.170
Real Estate Economics 0.169
Review of African Political Economy 0.168
Revista de Economia Politca/Brazilian Journal of Political Economy 0.167

Quantitative Marketing and Economics 0.166
IMF Staff Papers 0.165
Journal of Regional Science 0.165
Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies 0.164
Journal of Housing Economics 0.163
Forum for Social Economics 0.163
Economica 0.162
Econ Journal Watch 0.160
Journal of Transport Economics and Policy 0.160
Futures 0.158
Economic Systems Research 0.158
Journal of Population Economics 0.155
Quantitative Finance 0.154
Post-Soviet Affairs 0.153
Economics of Education Review 0.151
Journal of Australian Political Economy
Journal of Productivity Analysis 0.149
Economic Inquiry 0.148
Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics 0.146
Kyklos 0.146
Critical Sociology 0.144
Journal of Regulatory Economics 0.144
Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics 0.143
Canadian Journal of Economics 0.141
Review of Agricultural Economics 0.138
Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology 0.136
Information Economics and Policy 0.136
Organization and Environment 0.135
International Tax and Public Finance 0.134
Agricultural Economics 0.134
ASTIN Bulletin 0.132
Work, Employment and Society 0.132
Advances in Austrian Economics
Economic History Review 0.130
Economic Record 0.130
Public Choice 0.129
Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics 0.129
Journal of Economic History 0.126
Tijdschrift voor Economisch en Sociale Geografre
International Journal of Green Economics 0.123
Economic Theory 0.123
Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics 0.120
Review of World Economics 0.120
Journal of Policy Modeling 0.120
Review of Industrial Organization 0.118
Intervention: European Journal of Economics and Economic Policy 0.117 C
Applied Economics 0.114 A2
Journal of Forest Economics 0.114
Review of Income and Wealth 0.113
Econometrics Journal 0.110
Review of Black Political Economy 0.109
Explorations in Economic History 0.108
Fiscal Studies 0.108
Contemporary Economic Policy 0.107
Economic Development Quarterly 0.107
Journal of Economics 0.106
Macroeconomic Dynamics 0.106
Southern Economic Journal
Journal of Macroeconomics 0.103
Emerging Markets Financial and Trade 0.103
Journal of Japanese and International Economics 0.103
CESifo Economic Studies 0.098
Economics Letters 0.095
Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 0.095
Federal Reserve Bank St. Louis 0.095
Europe-Asian Studies 0.094
Review of Development Economics 0.093
Scottish Journal of Political Economy 0.093
Theory and Decision 0.093
Critical Perspectives on International Business 0.093
Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 0.092
Social Choice and Welfare 0.091
Economic Modelling 0.088
Debatte 0.087
Defence and Peace Economics 0.085
Journal of Mathematical Economics 0.084
Journal of Media Economics 0.084
National Tax Journal 0.082
Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 0.080
Journal of African Economics 0.079
International Journal of Game Theory 0.078
Manchester School 0.076
International Review of Law and Economics 0.072
Geneva Risk Insurance Review 0.068
Japan Economic Review 0.066
South African Journal of Economics 0.065
Journal of Real Estate Research 0.064
Open Economies Review 0.064
Australian Economic History Review 0.062
Empirical Economics 0.062
China and World Economy 0.061
Journal of Economic Policy Reform 0.060
Applied Economics Letters 0.058
Eastern European Economics 0.057
Post-Communist Economies 0.056
De Economist 0.055
Japan and the World Economy 0.052
Portuguese Economic Journal 0.049
Australian Economic Review 0.048
Politicka Ekonomie 0.048
Developing Economies 0.047
Independent Review 0.045
Journal of Economic Education 0.043
Spanish Economic Review 0.037
Pacific Economic Review 0.036
International Journal of Transport Economics 0.034
Journal of Applied Economics 0.031
Revue d’Etudes Comparative Est-Quest 0.028
Ekon CAS 0.027
Desarrollo Economico 0.026 B
Invest Econ-Spain 0.025
Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics 0.025
Trimestre Economico 0.024
Jahrbuecher fuer Nationaloekonomie und Statistik 0.021
South African Journal of Economics and Management
Science 0.017
Hacienda Publica Esp 0.015
Invest Econ-Mex 0.007
Ekonomiska Samfundets Tidskrift 0.004
Revista de Economia Aplicada


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