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The Times Higher Education 2010-2011 world university rankings

The Times Higher Education ranking of the top universities across the globe employ 13 separate performance indicators designed to capture the full range of university activities, from teaching to research to knowledge transfer.

These 13 elements are brought together into five headline categories, which are:

  • Teaching — the learning environment
  • Research — volume, income and reputation
  • Citations — research influence
  • Industry income — innovation
  • International mix — staff and students

Please follow the link to see the full ranking on the Times Higher Education web site.



Ranking of the 25 top universities

1  Harvard University

2  California Institute of Technology

3  Massachusetts Institute of Technology

4  Stanford University

5  Princeton University

6  University of Cambridge

6  University of Oxford

8  University of California Berkeley

9  Imperial College London

10  Yale University

11  University of California Los Angeles

12  University of Chicago

13  Johns Hopkins University

14  Cornell University

15  Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

15   University of Michigan

17  University of Toronto

18  Columbia University

19  University of Pennsylvania

20  Carnegie Mellon University

21  University of Hong Kong

22  University College London

23  University of Washington

24  Duke University

25  Northwestern University


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