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University of Oslo, Institute of Health and Society

The Institute of Health and Society (Helsam) considers health and well-being to be influenced by the culture and society we live in.

University of Oxford, Department of Sociology

Sociology in Oxford is concerned with real-world issues with policy relevance, such as social inequality, organised crime, the social basis of political conflict and mobilization, and changes in family relationships and gender roles. Our research is empirical, analytical, and comparative in nature...

University of Oxford, Department of Statistics

Contact Us How to get to the Department and how to find us [PDF] A snapshot of the Department's activities (2009) [PDF] About the Department of Statistics About the University of Oxford  Library: information for Library users Statistical Consultancy Service  ...

University of Pavia

The University of Pavia is one of the oldest universities in Europe. An edict issued by King Lotharius quotes a higher education institution in Pavia as already established in 825. This institution, mainly devoted to law studies, was then chosen as the main education centre for northern Italy....

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