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Social capital and crime

Essential readings

Buonanno, P., Montolio, D., Vanin, P. (2009). Does social capital reduce crime? Journal of Law and Economics 52(1), 145-170

We investigate the effects of civic norms and associational networks on crime rates. Civic norms...

Important readings

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Reading list archive

Akçomak, S., ter Weel, B. (2008). The Impact of Social Capital on Crime: Evidence from the Netherlands, UNU-MERIT Working Paper 2008-042

This paper investigates the relation between social capital and crime. The analysis contributes to...

Carpenter, J. P., Daniere, A. G., Takahashi, L. (2004). Social Capital and Trust in South-east Asian Cities. Urban Studies 41 (4), 853–874

This paper conducts a comparative analysis of social capital and environmental management in two...

McDoom, O. (2013). It’s Who You Know: Social Networks, Interpersonal Connections, and Participation in Collective Violence

Although popularly perceived as a positive force, social capital may also produce socially...

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