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Terrorism and social capital

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Arvanitidis, P, Economou, A., Kollias, C. (2016). Terrorism’s effects on social capital in European countries. Public Choice 169(3), 231–250.

Studies have shown that major terrorist events have the potential to exert significant influence on...

Benmelech, E., Klor, E. (2016). What explains the flow of foreign fighters to ISIS? NBER Working Paper N. 22190.

This paper provides the first systematic analysis of the link between economic, political, and...

Blomberg, S. B., Hess, G. D., Tan, D. Y. (2011). Terrorism and the economics of trust. Journal of Peace Research 48(3): 383–398.

Previous research has shown that trust is an important component that encourages investment and...

Guriev, S., Melnikov, N. (2016). War, Inflation, and Social Capital. American Economic Review Papers & Proceedings 106(5): 230-35.

We use weekly data from 79 Russian regions to measure the impact of economic shocks and proximity...

Jennings, C., Sanchez-Pages, S. (2017). Social capital, conflict and welfare. Journal of Development Economics 124: 157-167.

This paper analyzes the role of external conflict as a force that can create social capital....

Kis-Katos, C., Liebert, H., Schulze, G. (2015). On the heterogeneity of terror. European Economic Review 68: 116-136.

Most of the existing literature on the determinants of terrorism treats terror as a uniform...

Rehman, F., Vanin, P. (2017). Terrorism risk and democratic preferences in Pakistan. Journal of Development Economics 42: 60-74.

This article examines the relationship between interregional inequality and the incidence of...

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