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Social Capital and Economics. Social Values, Power, and Social Identity

This volume edited by Asimina Christoforou (Athens University of Economics and Business) and John B. Davis (Marquette University) provides a collection of critical new perspectives on social capital theory by examining how social values, power relationships, and social identity interact with social capital. This book seeks to extend this theory into what have been largely under-investigated domains, and, at the same time, address long-standing, classic questions in the literature concerning the forms, determinants, and consequences of social capital.


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2014, August

2014 Conference on Positive Psychology and Well-being

Tue, 2014-08-26 - Thu, 2014-08-28

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LabSi Workshop on Behavioral and Experimental Finance

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The Crisis: Scholarship, Policies, Conflicts and Alternatives

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2014, October

6th Transatlantic Workshop on the Economics of Crime

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2014, November

Behavioral Aspects in Macroeconomics and Finance

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2014, November

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