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Marlow, Cameron

I am a research scientist and "in-house sociologist" at Facebook. My research focuses on various aspects of online communities including the diffusion of information across online social networks, access to information and social capital, and the incentives that impact social media production.

I received my Ph.D. at the MIT Media Laboratory on the topic of media contagion and weblogs. You might also be familiar with my project Blogdex which tracks (used to track?) diffusion in the weblog community. The results of this work and the MIT Weblog Survey can be found in my Ph.D. Thesis.

After finishing my Ph.D. I joined Yahoo Research Berkeley where I ran the Social Motives group studying the social incentives in emerging applications such as Flickr, del.icio.us, and Last.fm. I joined Yahoo! Research and continued my work on various topics related to social search, community evolution, and network topology.

In addition to my research, I currently manage the Data Science team at Facebook, and am engaged in trying to understand how the data platforms of the future will change the roles of researchers in the enterprise and academia.

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