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Against social capital

Essential readings

Fine, Ben (2010). Theories of Social Capital: Researchers Behaving Badly. Pluto.

"Ben Fine is the world’s most thorough and indefatigible critic of the abuse of the...

Foley, M. W., Edwards, B. (1999). Is It Time to Disinvest in Social Capital? Journal of Public Policy 19, 141-173

In an effort at theoretical clarification, the authors reviewed 45 recent articles reporting...

Harriss, J. (2002). Depoliticizing Development: the World Bank and social capital. London: Anthem Press.

A unique investigation into the notion of social capital, analysing its misappropriation in...

Important readings

Bowles, S., Gintis, H. (2002). Social Capital and Community Governance. The Economic Journal 112 (483), F419–F436

Community governance is the set of small group social interactions that, with market and state,...

Fine, B. (1999). The Developmental State Is Dead—Long Live Social Capital? Development and Change 30 (1), 1-19

At the same time that the World Bank appears to be going through a process of replacing the...

Van Staveren, I., Knorringa, P. (Eds) (2007). Beyond Social Capital A critical approach. London and New York: Routledge

China is poised to gain global importance as a growth engine for the world economy on a par with...

Christoforou, A., Davis, J. B. (eds.) (2014). Social Capital and Economics. London and New York: Routledge.

This volume edited by Asimina Christoforou (Athens University of Economics and Business) and John B...

Reading list archive

Manski, C. F. (2000). Economic Analysis Of Social Interactions. Journal of Economic Perspectives 14 (3), 115-136

Economists have long been ambivalent about whether the discipline should focus on the analysis of...

Quibria, M.G. (2003). The Puzzle of Social Capital. A Critical Review. Asian Development Review 20 (2).

This expository note provides a critical review of the burgeoning literature on social capital...

Sobel, Joel (2002). Can We Trust Social Capital? Journal of Economic Literature XL, 139-154.

This essay looks at the literature on social capital from the perspective of game theory. It...

Van Deth, J. W. (2010). Participation in Voluntary Associations: Dark Shades in a Sunny World? American Behavioral Scientist 53 (5), 640-656.

The benevolent consequences of social capital are clearly related to membership in voluntary...

Zmerli, S. (2010). Social Capital and Norms of Citizenship: An Ambiguous Relationship? American Behavioral Scientist 53 (5), 657-676.

From a theoretical viewpoint, the consequences of social capital for norms of citizenship are...

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