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Aghion, P., Durlauf, S. N. (eds) (2005). Handbook of Economic Growth. Elsevier

Here is a list of chapters that are available online in working paper form, collected by Mark Feldman and Chad Jones.

The content of this page has been copied and pasted from Chad Jones' page: www.stanford.edu/~chadj/Handbook.html

The published version of the Handbook of Economic Growth is here. (Your university must have a subscription to the Handbooks for this to work.)

Ch 00 Reflections on Growth Theory (Not available online, to my knowledge.)
Robert M. Solow

Ch 01 Neoclassical Models of Endogenous Growth: The Effects of Fiscal Policy, Innovation and Fluctuations
Larry E. Jones and Rodolfo E. Manuelli

Ch 02 Growth with Quality-Improving Innovations: An Integrated Framework
Philippe Aghion, Harvard University and Peter Howitt, Brown University

Ch 03 Horizontal Innovation in the Theory of Growth and Development
Gino Gancia, CREI and Fabrizio Zilibotti, Institute for International Studies and University College London.

Ch 04 From Stagnation to Growth: Unified Growth Theory
Oded Galor, Hebrew University at Jerusalem and Brown University

Ch 05 Poverty Traps
Costas Azariadis, UCLA and John Stachurski, University of Melbourne

Ch 06 Institutions as the Fundamental Cause of Long-Run Growth
Daron Acemoglu, MIT, Simon Johnson, MIT, and James Robinson, UC Berkeley

Ch 07 Growth Theory through the Lens of Development Economics
Abhijit Banerjee, MIT and Esther Duflo, MIT

Ch 08 Growth Econometrics
Steven Durlauf, University of Wisconsin, Paul Johnson, Vassar College, and Jonathan Temple, University of Bristol

Ch 09 Accounting for Cross-Country Income Differences
Francesco Caselli, Harvard University

Ch 10 Accounting for Growth in the Information Age
Dale Jorgenson, Harvard University

Ch 11 Externalities and Growth
Peter Klenow, Stanford University, and Andres Rodriguez-Clare, IADB

Ch 12 Finance and Growth: Theory and Evidence
Ross Levine, University of Minnesota

Ch 13 Human Capital and Technology Diffusion
Jess Benhabib, NYU and Mark Spiegel, FRBSF

Ch 14 Growth Strategies
Dani Rodrik, Harvard University

Ch 15 National Policies and Economic Growth: A Reappraisal
William Easterly, NYU

Ch 16 Growth and Ideas
Charles I. Jones, University of California at Berkeley

Ch 17 Long-term Economic Growth and the History of Technology
Joel Mokyr, Northwestern

Ch 18 General Purpose Technologies
Boyan Jovanovic, NYU and University of Chicago and Peter L. Rousseau, Vanderbilt

Ch 19 Technological Progress and Economic Transformation
Jeremy Greenwood, University of Rochester and Ananth Seshadri, University of Wisconsin

Ch 20 The Effects of Technical Change on Labor Market Inequalities
Andreas Hornstein (Richmond Fed), Per Krusell (Princeton), and Gianluca Violante (NYU)

Ch 21 A Unified Theory of the Evolution of International Income Levels
Stephen Parente, University of Illinois and Edward Prescott, University of Minnesota

Ch 22 A Global View of Economic Growth
Jaume Ventura, CREI Pampeu Fabra

Ch 23 Trade, Growth and the Size of Countries
Alberto Alesina, Harvard University, Enrico Spolaore, Brown University, and Romain Wacziarg, Stanford University

Ch 24 Urbanization and Growth
J. Vernon Henderson, Brown University

Ch 25 Inequality, Technology, and the Social Contract
Roland Benabou, Princeton University

Ch 26 Social Capital
Steven N. Durlauf and Marcel Fafchamps

Ch 27 The Effect of Economic Growth on Social Structures
Francois Bourguignon, The World Bank

Ch 28 Economic Growth and the Environment: A Review of Theory and Empirics
William Brock, University of Wisconsin and M. Scott Taylor, University of Wisconsin


Durlauf, Steven N.

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