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8th Tiber Symposium on Psychology and Economics

Organized by:
Tilburg Institute for Behavioral Economics Research
Tilburg University
Tilburg, The Netherlands, September 4, 2009


Call for papers

TIBER (Tilburg Institute for Behavioral Economics Research) is happy to announce the 8th Tiber Symposium on Psychology and Economics, to be held on Friday September 4, 2009.

The symposium aims to bring together Economists, Psychologists, Marketing researchers and others who work on Behavioral Decision Making, either in individual or interdependent settings. The symposium will be held at Tilburg University and consists of two keynotes and a number of parallel sessions with presentations of about 20-30 minutes (see Last Years Program).

The two keynote speakers for 2009 are Alan Sanfey (University of Arizona) and Steffen Huck (University College London).

The goal of this series of symposia is to establish contact and discussion between researchers of the different fields. We look for empirical contributions from the diverse fields, such as Individual Decision Making, Consumer Behavior, Bargaining, Social Dilemmas, Experimental Games, Emotions, Fairness and Justice, Rational Choice and related subjects.

Researchers, students, and scholars interested in the topic are kindly invited to join these meetings. Registration starts at Wednesday April 15th and closes at Friday August 14th. Look under Registration for a registration form and attendance fees. If you would like to contribute to this symposium by presenting a paper, look under Call for Papers

Important Dates

  • 15th of April - Call for papers
  • 5th of June - Deadline for submission of abstracts
  • 15th of June - Selection of speakers
  • 15th of August - Normal registration deadline
  • 4th of September - Symposium at Tilburg University

Instructions for Presentations

Presentations will be grouped thematically in pairs. Ideally, one presentation in each thematic session will be held by a Psychologist/Marketing Scientist and the other one by an Economist. Sessions last 50 minutes (gross time per talk is 25 minutes including discussion). Please, time your papers to be between 15-20 minutes to allow for time for questions. Laptop computers will be available in the rooms.

A chair will be appointed for each session.

Contact Information

For information about payment details:
Please contact Jacintha Buysse at
Telephone: ++31 – 13 – 4662408
Email: [email protected]

For information about Submission, the Conference Program and Scheduling
Please contact Rob Nelissen at
Telephone: ++31 – 13 – 4668181
Email: [email protected]

The Program & Organizing Committee consists of
Diederik Stapel, Director of Tiber: [email protected]
Jan Potters, Professor of Economics: [email protected]
Wieland Mueller, Prof. of Economics & Business Administration: [email protected] Rik Pieters, Professor of Marketing: [email protected] Marcel Zeelenberg, Professor of Economic Psychology: [email protected] Ilja van Beest, Professor of Social Psychology
Rob Nelissen, Assistant Professor of Social Psychology: [email protected]

Official web site

Please refer to the Symposium's official web site for updates and further details.


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Tiber is the Tilburg Institute for Behavioral Economics Research. Tiber is a research institute devoted to studying the psychological processes underlying individual choice and economic decision making from an interdisciplinary perspective. Tiber brings together economists, psychologists, and...

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