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Business, Management and Economics in a Changing World

The Yasar University of Turkey organises the 1st International Conference on Business, Management and Economics in a Changing World. The event is going to be held in Cesme, Turkey, from 16-19 June 2005, at the Altinyunus Congress Center.

The main theme: "Global Change Trends and Global Challenges"

The world is in a great transformation technologically, economically, politically, socially, demographically and so on.
Organizational change is very important in today’s rapidly changing world. New global trends and new change dynamics force all organizations to restructure themselves.
The purpose of the conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in the understanding of the new change dynamics, and their effects and consequences on all organizations. The conference aims to be a scientific platform to discuss new theories, developments and approaches in Business, Managament and Economics Science.

Invited session on "Social Capital and Sustainable Development"

The Conference will include an Invited session on Social Capital and Sustainable Development, organised by Professor Alexi Danchev (Fatih University). The subjects covered by this topic are:

• Social capital – clue to sustainable development
• Social capital and local communities
• Measuring social capital
• Social capital and firm’s prosperity
• Sources of generating social capital
• Mechanisms of social capital influence on development.

The session is aimed at shedding light on the multifarious effect of social capital on sustainable development. Starting with defining what is the meaning of social capital in macro and micro levels the discussion is expected to proceed with introducing relevant indicators for measuring social capital and formulating models explaining its influence on various elements of the social life. In micro-level the debates are concentrated on the formation of social capital within the local communities and the firms, its growth and influence on the sustainable behaviour of the social and economic units as a factor of their long-run prosperity. The macroeconomic dimensions of social capital outline many important aspects of the problem: its feedback role, its influence on the macroeconomic efficiency, etc. During the dialogs we expect to reveal various mechanisms of interaction between the social capital and the solution of various development problems. The presented case studies are supposed to induce theoretical conclusions, which would promote further this relatively new segment of social research.

If you are interested in presenting a paper at this session, you can directly contact Professor Danchev at the address [email protected] to learn further details and to send the following informations: your name, address for contact and short abstract of your paper.

Conference's Call for papers

Papers from all areas of Business, Management and Economics are welcome. Working language of the conference will be English. You are cordially invited to submit an abstract of your paper for consideration. The abstract of 300 words or less should be submitted as an e-mail with pdf or text file by April 1, 2005. Click here to view further details on paper submission.

Registration Fees

Invited speakers' participation costs will not be afforded by Yasar University. Registration fees range from 50 to 150 euros. Further details are available at the registration page of the Conference's web site.


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