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Comparing Inequalities

Call for papers

Comparing Inequalities

Organized by
Italian Association for the Study of Comparative Economic
Systems (AISSEC)

Assisi (Italy), 22-23 June 2010



Authors are invited to submit a full paper by 31 March 2010 to Cristiano Perugini:[email protected]
Submitted papers are subject to a review process. Decisions about acceptance of papers will be made by 30 April 2010.

Presentation and themes

The Workshop is organised by the Italian Association for the Study of Comparative Economic Systems (AISSEC), with the support of the University of Perugia (Department of Economics, Finance and Statistics, Faculty of Political Sciences and Faculty of Economics), the European Association for Comparative Economic Studies (EACES) and the Italian Association of Labour Economists (AIEL).
The workshop aims at having empirical and methodological contributions on economic and social inequality under a comparative perspective. The workshop is organized into two sessions, dedicated to themes of crucial importance in present economic and policy debates. Each session, in addition to an invited keynote speaker, will consist of four/five papers selected by the Scientific Committee.
The first session focuses on the impact on economic and social inequality produced by the different patterns of structural and institutional change implemented in transition countries. The session will be opened by Branko Milanovic (World Bank) as keynote speaker. Although this topic has been treated in the literature, recent contributions have provided new insights and approaches, especially on the methodological and empirical ground. Submitted papers should have an applied approach and provide original evidence on the relationship between transition and inequality in a comparative perspective.
The second session, with Daniele Checchi (University of Milan) as keynote speaker, is dedicated to the effects of labour market institutional settings on wage and income inequality. Labour markets have undergone remarkable transformations during the last two decades, and policy makers have implemented various patterns of reform in order to improve their performance.

Submitted papers are expected to highlight, preferably on the empirical ground, the effects produced by labour market institutional differences on wages and income distribution.

Scientific Committee

Milica Uvalic (University of Perugia, AISSEC President), Jens Holscher (University of Brighton, EACES President), Floro Ernesto Caroleo (University of $aples "Parthenope", AIEL President), Alessia Amighini (University of Eastern Piedmont), David Aristei (University of Perugia), Sergio Bruni (University of Calabria), Elisabetta Croci Angelini (University of Macerata), Mirella Damiani (University of Perugia), Augusto Ninni (University of Parma), Cristiano Perugini (University of Perugia), Fabrizio Pompei (University of Perugia), Donatella Saccone (University of Turin), Marina Schenkel (University of Udine), Fabio Sdogati (Polytechnical University of Milan), Susan Senior Nello (University of Siena).

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