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Democracy and Social Capital A Czech-American Dialog

1 June 2006, 9:00am – 5:00pm, American Embassy, Woodrow Wilson Center, Trziste 13, Malá Strana Prague, Czech Republic




The concept of social capital has been widely used in analyses of democracy in the United States, and of processes and prospects
of democratization in the “New Europe.” But what, precisely, is
social capital? How important is social capital for democratic
existence? How best to measure social capital? It is the goal of this symposium to address such questions in a comparative context.
The symposium will feature panel and roundtable discussions, as well as keynote lectures by:

Eric Uslaner
(Professor of Government and Politics,
The University of Maryland)
Trust and Corruption in Transition

Petr Mateju
(Professor and Director of the Department for Education
and Social Stratification, Institute of Sociology, Academy
of Sciences of the Czech Republic)
The Role of Social Capital During the
Post-communist Transformation


The languages of the symposium are Czech and English, with
simultaneous translation provided.
Attendance at the symposium is free and open to the public,
but advance registration is required.
To register, please RSVP to Milada Hladikova at
[email protected] , or 257-022-002
or 257-535-160.

For additional information, contact Joseph Lewandowski
([email protected]) or
Milan Znoj ([email protected]).


Institute for Advanced Studies, Department of Sociology

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