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International Conference


Organized by:
Tallinn University of Technology
Tallin, Estonia, 25 April 2008

Call for papers

Europeanization, famously, has many faces and definitions, and it has become one of the most fashionable concepts in the European social sciences. While the power of fashion should not be underestimated, Europeanization – “when something in the domestic political system is affected by something European” (M. Vink) – has indeed become a highly powerful force of change in the European Union. While there is a growing literature on the old EU 15 member states and Europeanization, research into the new member states and the European impact upon their policy-making is in its infancy. In particular, the role of Europeanization on public administration and management in the new member states has received little attention. Thus, the conference aims, first, to stake stock in terms of the theory and conceptualization of Europeanization and, second, to pave the way for qualitatively new inroads for research on Europeanization in the new EU member states.

We are therefore inviting papers that deal with theoretical, historical, geographical as well as policy-analytical issues of Europeanization. Abstract proposals, no longer than 1,000 words, should be sent to Rainer Kattel at [email protected].

The deadline is 1 March 2008. Papers should be submitted by 1 April 2008.

Best papers

The best papers from the conference will be published in Halduskultuur. Halduskultuur, Tallinn University of Technology’s annual publication in Public Administration, is a fully peer-reviewed multi-language interdisciplinary journal of administrative studies. It publishes contributions in all the languages of the region: Estonian, Finnish, German, Russian, and also in English, the lingua franca of our times. See further www.halduskultuur.eu.

Halduskultuur is available in EBSCO, Central and Eastern European Online Library, and Google Books; and abstracted in Worldwide Political Science Abstracts, Sociological Abstracts and Social Services Abstracts


Rainer Kattel, Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, Tallinn University of Technology J. Sütiste 21, 13419 Tallinn, Estonia, e-mail: [email protected], web: www.halduskultuur.eu


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