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Fifth Biennial Workshop on Social Capital and Health - Social Capital and Healthy Ageing

Following workshops in Berkeley (2006) Paris (2008), Oslo (2010), and Padova (2012), we invite the submission of draft papers or extended abstracts for the fifth workshop of the Global Network on Social Capital and Health. This event will take place in Toronto on 6–7 October 2014 and is being organized by Audrey Laporte at the University of Toronto and Nancy Reichman at Rutgers—Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and Princeton University. The deadline for submitting draft papers or extended abstracts is May 15th 2014.

The theme for the 2014 workshop is “Social Capital and Healthy Aging.” Recognizing that aging takes place across the life course, substantive questions in this vein may include: How does social capital improve peoples' health and well-being and how does this change over the life course?  If people build up social capital during their healthy years, do they need to draw less on publicly provided health care  in years of declining health and is their emotional and mental health (including cognitive functioning) better when they have a stock of social capital upon which to draw? Questions may also involve how communities can build up social capital (whether, for example, this is something which must be done by the individuals in the community or whether there is a role for joint action) and the implications of a community’s experience in accumulating social capital for the health of the members of that community, not just at a point in time but over their entire life course.  Other questions may involve the continuum from intra-family informal caregiving, through inter-family based social support, to publicly-provided health care services (both in the community at large and in long-term care institutions, for example) and may involve what the optimum mix appears to be and, if that optimum requires people to invest deliberately in social capital, how they might be encouraged to do so.

The workshop is open for all these types of contributions, and in particular for contributions that are concerned with identifying causal effects as opposed to descriptive associations between measures of social capital and heath. 

Papers for the workshop will be selected on the basis of draft papers or extended abstracts. Although draft papers are preferred, abstracts (minimum 600 words) that describe context, data, methods, preliminary results, and implications will also be considered. The deadline for submitting draft papers or extended abstracts is May 15th 2014. Papers or abstracts must be submitted electronically (PDF or Word) by email to [email protected] with subject line SOCIAL CAPITAL WORKSHOP. Authors will be notified about acceptance by July 1st and will be required to provide an electronic version (PDF or Word) of the final paper by September 1st. Papers will be posted on the workshop website in downloadable format. Each paper will have an appointed discussant.

The Workshop Scientific committee is composed of:

Hope Corman (Rider University and the National Bureau of Economic Research, USA), Chair

Sherman Folland (Oakland University, USA)

Tor Iversen (University of Oslo, Norway)

Florence Jusot (Université Paris-Dauphine, France)

Eric Nauenberg (University of Toronto, Canada)

Lorenzo Rocco (University of Padova, Italy)

Participants are expected to present a paper and/or act as a discussant. Limited funding is available to cover the costs of accommodation for paper presenters and meals for all conference participants during the workshop. Participants are responsible for their own transportation costs.


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