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The firm and the fulfilment of a New Humanism

Organized by:
Vicarage of Rome
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

June, 22nd - 25th, 2006
Campidoglio, Sala della Protomoteca
Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Faculty of Economics, European Congress Center
Rome, Italy



Presentation of the Symposium

Entrepreneurial activity and personal initiative are both considered to propel modern economic growth. Economic growth and increasing prosperity of our society have been largely promoted by entrepreneurial activities, starting from civil humanism – which dates back to market economy – from the industrial revolution and the “information era” to the so called current “bio-economic” era.
In view of these considerations, the question must be asked whether existing entrepreneurial models constitute a valid tool to fostering the wealth of human beings , and as far as human beings are concerned, whether the various entrepreneurial models involved – i.e. Multinationals, Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Non-profit, State owned Companies – are able to contribute to human wealth both in terms of economic prosperity and social progress.
Albeit Marxist doctrine and economic liberalism have mainly focused on a human economic pivotal role, it is also helpful to consider anthropological, psychological, social, religious and economic points of view in order to pave the way for a comprehensive wealth status, as a whole. In light of these considerations, the Symposium aims to analyze the role of entrepreneurial activities in our society promoting a fruitful debate among researchers and entrepreneurs to pursue a new vision of business in favour of the human being.
Within this framework, the entrepreneurial system is considered both from social and economic points of view. As for the former, the Symposium debates whether the entrepreneurial system takes the human being into account, referring to organizational items, power distribution and labour division models as tools to foster dignity itself. In addition, the Symposium promotes an “ethic” vision of the entrepreneurial system in order to encourage a new managerial approach to the various challenges of our society. As for the latter, the Symposium debate intends to deepen awareness of the various elements forming “company mission”, both economic and anthropological, related to profit, welfare and social progress. In line with this approach, the comparison of various entrepreneurial models, such as multinational companies, SMEs, non-profit bodies, public companies and state-owned companies, aims to analyse their contribution to the creation of a “New Humanism”, within our economic system. Furthermore, the current attention towards corporate social responsibility suggests an additional item to those examined, in order to run entrepreneurial activities in respect of human dignity.
Last but not least, the Symposium intends to promote a reliable role of financial assets to outweigh the mere business itself in favour of sustainable economic growth



University of Rome Tor Vergata, Department of Economics and Institutions

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