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Pathways to Legitimacy The Future of Global and Regional Governance

Organized by:
The University of Warwick
GARNET, Network of Excellence on Global Governance, Regionalisation and Regulation
The Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation
The Economic & Social Research Council

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of CSGR and the 2nd Annual Meeting of GARNET

Scarman House, University of Warwick
17-19 September 2007




To mark, and celebrate, its first decade of path-breaking work the Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation (CSGR) is convening a major international conference on building legitimate authority in global and regional governance in
cooperation with GARNET, the EU-funded Network of Excellence on Global Governance, Regionalisation and Regulation: The Role of the EU. The more globalised and regionalised world of the twenty-first century clearly needs substantial elements of global and regional regulation. However, shortfalls in the legitimacy of
these institutions have become ever more apparent, to the point even of challenging their long-term viability.
CSGR and GARNET therefore invite friends old and new to a searching, international, innovative exploration of how global and regional governance might be made more legitimate. How should we conceive of legitimacy when it comes to regulation beyond the state? What types of indicators and measures could allow us to assess the legitimacy of global and regional authorities? What sorts of institutional reforms could promote greater legitimacy in global and regional governance agencies? What kinds of political campaigns and strategies (for example, via civil society groups, corporate responsibility, courts, mass media, parliaments, parties, etc.) could achieve more legitimate global and regional arrangements?

Call for papers

The CSGR/GARNET Conference will explore these questions and more in relation to intergovernmental bodies (e.g. EAC, EU, IFIs, MERCOSUR, UN), transgovernmental arrangements (e.g. G8, Nuclear Suppliers Group), interregional and regional frameworks (e.g. ASEM, ASEAN+3), and private global and regional regulation (e.g. fair trade schemes, ICANN). Papers are invited on problems of legitimate global and regional governance as they relate inter alia to issues of communications, development, environment, finance, gender, health, inequality, investment, migration, security, social and cultural change and trade.
As ever in CSGR and GARNET events, contributions are invited from multiple disciplines, including Business Studies, Economics, Geography, History, International Relations, Law, Philosophy, Politics, and Sociology. Participation is welcomed from all continents and from practitioners in official, civil society and business circles alongside academic researchers.

Please submit paper and panel abstracts (maximum 300 words) together with full contact details to [email protected] by 30 April 2007. Conference support funds may be available for some paper presenters. Please indicate in your submission
whether you wish to be considered for such support.
Some conference papers may be invited for publication in the CSGR/Routledge‘Globalisation’ series or the GARNET/Routledge ‘Europe in The World’ series.


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