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Research in Economics: The Importance of Methodology in Social Sciences

3rd PhD Conference in Economics
8-10 September 2005
Real Collegio di Moncalieri
Moncalieri, Torino, Italy


Call for papers

The purpose of this Conference is to provide PhD students and junior researchers with the opportunity to take a focused view on the methodological possibilities and limitations they face while conducting research in economics. This event is organised by and for PhD students with the need to critically question the methodological instruments and approaches used in their research work.

Some indicative topic issues are as follows:

• What is the aim of our research and to whom is it addressed?
• Which instruments are broadly consistently used (or usable) for a specific economic research? Is it necessary to choose the right instruments for every topic, or some are valid extensively?
• Which is, and should be, the role for quantitative tools?
• How do economists define and take into account issues of realism and relevance, and to what extent?
• Do social values matter in economic research?
• Could other disciplines (e.g. history, psychology, ecology, sociology) improve our understanding of the socio-economic reality?

Given the aims of the Conference, PhD students in economics and related disciplines in social sciences are invited to submit their works. No topic restrictions are placed, but a special emphasis has to be placed on the methodological approach adopted.
Hence, even thought the paper may not focus on methodological issues, the methodology it builds upon should be discussed in a dedicated section or appendix.

Papers submission

Proposals for papers are invited in the form of an abstract of 15 lines max (200 words), and should be submitted by June, 30th, 2005 to the conference secretariat by email. Submissions should be sent to the following address only: [email protected].

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