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Trust. MatchPoints Seminar 2014

The MatchPoints seminar on Trust will be held at the Aarhus University, Denmark, on 22-24 May 2014. The purpose of the conference is to examine trust/confidence from various academic approaches in order to enhance interdisciplinary insight and dialogues as well specialist understanding. The conference will focus at (a) how trust may be conceptualised; (b) how trust and social capital are created, maintained and expressed in civil society and the public sector; (c) the nature of interpersonal and ontological trust; and(d) how trust and distrust areconveyed in literature, drama and film.

What is MatchPoints Seminar? The MatchPoints Seminar is an annual, international interdisciplinary conference presenting high profile speakers. The conference has been assessed by FareedZakaria (CNN/Time Magazine) as ‘among the best in the world’.

Call for papers Papers 

We are interested in proposals within
1. Philosophy
2. Psychology, pedagogy and neuroscience
3. Social and political sciences
4.  Management
5. Theology and religion
6. Literature, drama film and drama
7. History
8. Social anthropology

A number of thematised workshops will be set up within these fields. Prospective attendants are invited to organise specialist workshops. A number of workshops have been organised in advance, but are open for proposals (see conference website).

Deadline for proposals (max 200 words): 15 January 2014. Proposals should be submitted to Michael Böss, [email protected], or to the organisers of pre-announced workshops.

Confirmed plenary speakers and presentations

Dr. Robert D. Putnam (Harvard University).‘Trust, Democracy and Civic Unity’
Dr. Eric M. Uslaner (University of Maryland): ‘Inequality, Trust, and Corruption’
Dr. Gerd B. Achenbach (Lessing-Hochschulezu Berlin, Philosophische Praxis): ‘Trust Dr. Mikael Rostila (Stockholm University): ‘Social Capital and Health Inequality in the Scandinavian Welfare State’
Dr. Alison Findlay (Lancaster University): ‘Trust, Distrust and Femalehood in Shakespeare’s Drama’
Dr. Svend Andersen (Aarhus University): ‘Trust and Spontaneity’
Dr. Cheryl F Mattingly (University of Southern California): ‘Trust, Narrative and Therapy’
Dr. SverreRaffnsøe (Copenhagen Business School): ‘Trust, Power and Management’

Conference fee: DKK 1125, EUR 150.
Contact: Director of MatchPoints SeminarMichael Böss, [email protected]
Conference website: www.matchpoints.au.dk
Venue: The Lakeside Lecture Theatres, BartholinsAllé 3, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark


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