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Well-Being: Are we happy with our standard of living?

International conference

Well-Being: Are we happy with our standard of living?

Organized by
University of Cassino, Department of Economics
Cassino (FR) - Italy - 26/27 September 2008


In the last decade, household debt has been rising, relative to income, in several industrialized countries. At the micro level, household surveys report an increase in the number of families who are unable to save, or who experience some other kind of financial or economic stress. This is sometime related to a decrease in self-reported happiness. This evidence may be at odds with growth in output, which has not decelerated and has actually increased in some countries. Consumption and saving patterns may also be related to changes in the distribution of income, which has been substantial, although with different characteristics across countries.
The aim of the conference is to collect state-of-the-art contributions on these issues, at the micro, macro and policy levels. Sections will be devoted to problems related to how we measure well-being, poverty and happiness, to differences between perceived and effective well-being, to how well-being is related to income growth and the distribution of income, to the role of economic policy.

Papers on these or related topics are welcome. Authors are free to submit more than one paper for different sessions. If you wish to organize a session (4 papers on the same topic) please contact the organizing committee. All papers will be distributed through the conference web site. A selection of papers will be published in the conference proceedings.


Paper proposals, including an abstract and JEL codes, should be submitted by email no later than June 30th, 2008. Papers accepted for the conference should be submitted no later than September 1st, 2008.


The conference will be held in Cassino, which is located half-way between Rome and Naples. We will provide transportation to/from Rome airport. All participants will be required to provide for their own expenses; details on accommodation opportunities at special rates will be provided on the conference web site.

Registration and Conference Fee

You may register on the conference web site, or directly at the conference.
There is a Conference fee of €150, which will cover for Friday lunch and dinner, three coffee breaks and all conference materials.

Scientific Committee

Philip Arestis, University of Cambridge
Marina Bianchi, Università di Cassino
Dimitri B. Papadimitriou, Levy Economics Institute
Maurizio Pugno, Università di Cassino
Gennaro Zezza, Università di Cassino & Levy Economics Institute


For furter information please contact:
Gennaro Zezza
Department of Economics
Università degli Studi di Cassino
Località Folcara, 03043 Cassino (FR) Italy

Conference official web site

Please check the conference's official web site for updates and further details.


University of Cassino, Department of Economics

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