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CINEFOGO - Network of Excellence

The CINEFOGO Network of Excellence (Civil Society and New forms of Governance) has been running from September 2005 to December 2009 based on a EU-FP6 Grant and generous support from the involved institutions. In its present format the CINEFOGO Network of Excellence has been finalised. Both the scientific and the financial report have been approved by the EU-Commission and the institutions have been paid their final contribution according to the approved financial report.

In the continuation of the CINEFOGO Network of Excellence several new and related initiatives have been taken around the theme 'civil society, citizenship, governance and paerticipation.' A variety of publications - books, special issues, anthologies and individual articles - have been published based on the results from the CINEFOGO Network of Excellence. Reference to many of these publication can be found on the CINEFOGO web-site and others in the outcome database administrated from Charles University, Praha.

The CINEFOGO web-site will not be up-dated any more. We have decided to end up-dating from August 2010. It will be possible to use the CINEFOGO web-site in the year to come but no new information will appear. Therefore if You want further information about individual activities, which have taken place in the regie of CINEFOGO Network of Excellence You have to contact the person listed as responsible for the specific activity.

I want as international coordinator for the CINEFOGO Network of Excellence to thank all those who have been involved in this great experiences for their enthusiasm, energy and involvement in the network during its more than four years of activities.


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