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Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Economics and Law

The Department of Public Economics was established in 1984, by pooling together the human and academic resources of the Institutes of Economics, Economic Policy, Agricultural Economics & Policies and - later on - Public Finance.

The first Head of the Department, F. Caffè, was followed by Michele De Benedictis, Fernando Vianello, Francesco Carlucci, Ferruccio Marzano, Luigi Frey, Domenico Tosato, Marcello Gorgoni and Maurizio Franzini, the current Head of the Department.
The Department preserves the cultural and scientific heritage of illustrious scholars, such as Ezio Tarantelli, Franco Franciosi, Massimo Finoia, and Fausto Vicarelli.

Department Activities

The Department of Public Economics regularly publishes a number of Working Papers and a series of Essays selected by a board of referees.

It promotes an intense programme of seminars and is engaged in close cultural exchanges with many qualified scholars in Italy and abroad.

It is equipped with an IT Lab and a specialised Library, and it runs a Master programme in Public Economics in collaboration with Inpdap, as well as a PhD programme in Economics.

It is a member of the Interdepartment Centre of International Economy (Cidei), and together with the Universities of Siena and Bocconi, it takes part in the Interuniversity Welfare Research Centre (Criss).

Organisational Structure

The Departimental Bodies are the Head of the Department, the Council and the Board, supported by the Academic Committees.

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