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Carpenter, J. P., Daniere, A. G., Takahashi, L. M. (2003). Comparing Measures of Social Capital Using Data From Southeast Asian Slums. Middlebury College, Department of Economics, mimeo

We analyze behavioral measures of social capital gathered over three years in Thai and Vietnamese urban slums to see if results from surveys are consistent with those generated using experiments. While many of the associations between the measures are weak, we find that in both countries survey measures of social integration correlate with more cooperation and more punishment of free riding in a social dilemma experiment. We also find an anomalous result. Higher levels of surveyed trust, measured generally and as it relates to specific groups of individuals correlates with less cooperation and less punishment in both countries although more robustly so in Thailand. Lastly, a number of other demographic variables predict behavior, but of special interest is the fact that cooperation and punishment are both concave in age.


Carpenter, Jeffrey

Jeffrey Carpenter is associate professor at the Department of Economics of the Middlebury College. Selected journal articles Dopamine Receptor Genes Predict Risk Preferences, Time Preferences, and Related Economic Outcomes, with Justin Garcia and J. Loji Lum, the Journal of Risk and...

Daniere, Amrita G.

Research Endeavors Infrastructure provision in developing-country megacities including water and sanitation services, housing, solid waste collection and disposal, and transportation. Much of my published work in this area was funded by a research grant, for which I was the co-principal...

Takahashi, Lois

Professor Takahashi's research focuses on social service delivery, HIV prevention, and homelessness in the U.S., and on environmental governance issues in Southeast Asian cities. She is currently investigating the dynamics of social capital, especially related to health in impoverished and...

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