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Adhikari, Krishna Prasad

Krishna Prasad Adhikari was born in Pokhara, Nepal where he later earned his bachelor‘s degree in Science and Technology with a minor in Microbiology. After his Bachelor‘s, he completed a course in Medical Laboratory Technology from Institute of Medicine in Nepal. Mr. Adhikari was the valedictorian of the Science and Medical Laboratory department of Tribhuvan University in 2003. Working as a chief instructor in Kathmandu School of Medical Technology, Mr. Adhikari worked as a Medical Technologist for research projects that focused on infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria and other parasites. He also worked as Medical Technologist for the Government of Nepal. "During the different project works, even though I have good knowledge about medical science, I felt like I was missing the specific knowledge I needed to carry out the projects at my best. In some cases, I was lacking theory, and in others, I was missing research skills. On the whole, I was missing a social science basis. Due to my keen interest in community medicine, I was looking for the suitable discipline for the further study when I found the Health and Society (Medical Anthropology) master‘s program at the University of Heidelberg, which I find quite suitable to my needs and desires."

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