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Algan, Yann

Yann Algan is Professor of Economics at Sciences Po Paris. He is affiliated to CEPR, IZA and CEPREMAP (Co-head Macroeconomic program).

Awards and grants

  • European Starting Grant (ERC) 2010-2014 - Project "Trust"
  • Best French Young Economist 2009
  • Best French economic book and Best French Essay (LIRE) for "La société de défiance", 2009


  • Cultural and Economic integration in Europe, Oxford University Press, Eds Yann Algan, Alberto Bisin, Alan Manning and Thierry Verdier, 2010.  

Introduction: Perspective on Cultural Integration of Immigrants, with Alberto Bisin and Thierry Verdier.

Conclusion:  Assimilation and Integration of Immigrants in Europe, with Mariya Aleksynska. 

Cultural and Economic Integration in France, with Camille Landais and Claudia Senik.

Published articles

  • Regulation and Distrust, with Philippe Aghion, Pierre Cahuc, Andrei Shleifer. Quarterly Journal of Economics 2010, Editorial Wall Street Journal 02/01/09

  • Inherited Trust and Growth, with Pierre Cahuc. American Economic Review 2010 (Previous title: Social attitudes and Economic development, 2008. substantially revised version)    

  • Incomplete Markets and the Inflation-Output tradeoff, with Edouard Challe and Xavier Ragot. Economic Theory, 2010.

  • Solving the Incomplete Markets Modelswith Olivier Allais and Wouter Den Haan,  Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2010 

  • Imcomplete Unemployment Insurance under Aggregate Fluctuations, with Olivier Allais, Economic Bulletin, 2004

  • Wealth effect and Labor market transitions, with Arnaud Chéron, Jean-Olivier Hairault and François Langot,  Review of Economic Dynamics, 2003, vol.1, 112-140

  • Public Employment and Labor Market Performances, with Pierre Cahuc and André Zylberberg, Economic Policy, 2002, vol. 17, 6-60

  • «How well does the Aggregate Demand Aggregate Supply framework explain unemployment fluctuations»,  Economic Modelling, 2002, vol. 19, pp. 153-119


Sciences Po, Department of Economics


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